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From the owner, Mike Gravitte…
“I discovered overlanding awhile back and knew it was something I could get into because of my love for camping, hiking and backpacking. I wasn’t sure of the vehicle I wanted, so I spent the last year or two debating whether to get a Tacoma or Jeep but eventually decided on a Lexus. I found this GX470 locally with less than 90,000 miles on the clock and decided to build it out. My hope is to explore the North Georgia mountains and the Smoky Mountains. I also want to travel the country in this vehicle at some point in the next few years and wanted a vehicle that could take me off the beaten path with ease.”

This Silver GX is a “Fox” and is exactly what the owner Mike Gravitte was looking for from the start. After tracking down his GX, Jared called LTO for a consultation. Jace Abrams, our Shop Foreman and overlanding specialists in Johns Creek took the lead. Jace worked closely with Mike and our Customer Care Specialist Ed Hill to walk through every option possible, and they eventually came up with a game plan, parts and all. A short time later, it’s finally done. The finished product is a tastefully upgraded GX that is built for any terrain, on the road or off. We know an overlanding trip to the Smokies is in the works, and we hope you will join LTO in one of many group rides up and down the East Coast in the years to come. 

We would like to thank the pros at LTO for all the attention to detail on this build. As a team, we believe overlanding is about exploration, not just conquering obstacles. We know each and every build is personal, and we are in the business of not only meeting, but exceeding expectations in each and every upgrade. Thank you, Mike, for putting that trust in us and for giving us a chance to work on this clean GX470.

Meet the Silver Fox…

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